Thos. Harper Guitars

ylon string instruments include classical, flamenco, and period instruments. Most of my instruments are classical due to demand, but I very much enjoy building flamencos and period instruments.

The standard classical instrument consists of an Indian Rosewood back and sides with an Englemann or cedar top and mahogany neck. The fretboard is typically ebony, but I am also trying other woods due to the scarcity of good ebony these days. Other top and back woods are available if desired.

lamencos are typically cedar back and sides, spruce top, and cedar neck. The flamenco is a lighter instrument with lower action, and a bracing pattern designed to create quick, penetrating notes.

Terz guitar

eriod instruments often provide a more intimate sound, depending on the style of instrument. Currently, I am offering a Panormo style instrument and a Terz guitar. Since these are custom instruments, modifications can be made for the player such as wider fret boards and equal temperament fret spacing.

Standard scale length for classicals and flamencos is 650mm. The standard neck dimensions are 50mm wide and 21 mm thick at the nut. The string spacing at the saddle is 60mm. Any of these dimensions can be altered to suit the player.

Finish for all instruments is French polish. French polishing is a long, exacting process, but is best for the tone of the instrument.

Design elements will be discussed with the player. I make my own rosettes and can either use interesting woods, such as burls, or spalted maple, or more traditional Spanish style rosettes. The colors and patterns used can be replicated in the tie block and purflings.